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Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, PCL Communications (PCL) manufactures and sells two-way radio accessories and custom fit ear products. Our 2-way radio accessories are regarded by law enforcement, security, fire departments, first responders and anyone who uses a 2-way radio as the best earpiece (audio wire) available.

For custom fit ear products, we manufacture hearing protection (shooting) plugs, industrial hearing protection plugs, sleep plugs, swim plugs, custom fit plugs for ear buds and more.

PCL has more than a half century of experience in the field of human hearing. Our history began with the manufacturing of high-quality custom ear molds for the hearing impaired.

PCL revolutionized tactical communications with our patented Behind-The-Ear (BTE) technology and SoundWaves® audio wires. Our approach places a high-fidelity speaker directly behind the ear. This BTE design further supports a better user experience by eliminating condensation problems that are common with hollow-coil earpieces. SoundWaves® wires deliver superior sound (higher volume and better clarity) along with greater reliability.

Designed for the rigorous requirements of police, fire and security personnel, our custom fit ear tips and audio wires are also popular with event staff, television journalists, race car drivers and people in any walk of life where secure and audible two-way radio communication is vital.

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