Custom Fit Communications Ear Tip



On-line orders require an ear impression.

Interested in getting a Custom Communications Ear tip?
The process is simple: Make an appointment, get an impression (10 mins), pick your color, and that’s it. When you receive your custom, it will fit right on to the end of your 2-way accessory.

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If you already have your ear impression, please proceed with your order and ship your ear impression with your Name, orientation (left, right or both) and your on-line Order Number to:

  • PCL Communications
  • 8887 Empire Grade.
  • Santa Cruz, CA 95060

If you don’t, please click in the button below to contact us directly for more information and/or book an ear impression.

Custom Comms Ear Tips provide better retention and far better comfort than your conventional stock ear tips. Stock Ear Tips are a great “right now” solution and work fine for many people. They are however generic and ears are more like finger prints, no two are the same. Stock tips are not always comfortable enough to be worn all day. Custom Comms Tips are made from an impression of your ear and will fit perfectly in your ear and only your ear.

Elevate your experience with our Custom Comms Tips:

  • Better Retention: Our custom tips provide superior fit and retention compared to generic stock ear tips.
  • All-Day Comfort: Unlike one-size-fits-all stock tips, our custom versions are tailored to your unique ear shape.
  • Simple Process: Make an appointment, get a quick impression (just 10 minutes), choose your color, and enjoy a perfect fit on your 2-way accessory.
  • Allows user to hear radio communication and ambient sound
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
    • Default color is flesh tone


Vendor PCL Communications
Compatible Brand PCL Communications