Dual Port Ear Tip, Communications and Green Filter



On-line orders require an ear impression.

Interested in getting a Custom Communications Ear tip?
The process is simple: Make an appointment, get an impression (10 mins), pick your color, and that’s it. When you receive your custom, it will fit right on to the end of your 2-way accessory.

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If you already have your ear impression, please proceed with your order and ship your ear impression with your Name, orientation (left, right or both) and your on-line Order Number to:

  • PCL Communications
  • 8887 Empire Grade.
  • Santa Cruz, CA 95060

If you don’t, please click in the button below to contact us directly for more information and/or book an ear impression.

  • Hearing protection and communications canal in a single ear plug
  • “Green filter” passes vocal range approx. 2x louder than ambient noise
  • Ideal for fire fighters and others who need radio and voice communications in high noise environments
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


    Vendor PCL Communications
    Compatible Brand PCL Communications