SoundWaves® 3.5mm Earpiece w/ 2 Ear Tips

SKU: SW-UL-3.5-2


3.5mm or 2.5mm?

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SoundWaves® 3.5mm Earpiece (P/N: SW-UL-3.5)

  • Connects quickly and easily to most shoulder mics
  • Audio wire with hearing aid quality speaker
    • Same superior sound quality as the SoundWaves® HD model
  • Kevlar reinforced cable
  • Communications ear tip allows user to receive communications and hear ambient sound
    • Package includes two (2) stock ear tips
  • 1 year limited warranty

SoundWaves® is the premier PCL Communications brand. All of our SoundWaves® products are built here in California, USA.


Vendor PCL Communications
Compatible Brand Motorola
Compatible Model APX4000, APX6000, APX6000(& XE), APX7000, APX8000, Astro Saber, HT1000, HT1250, HT1550, MOTO TRBO/APX Series, MT1000, MT1500, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX-LS, MTX1500, MTX800, MTX8000, MTX900, MTX9000, TH-360, TK-190, TK-208, TK-2100, TK-2102, TK-2107, TK-2130, TK-2140, TK-2160, TK-2180, TK-220, TK-240, TK-240D, TK-248, TK-250, TK-260, TK-260D, TK-260G, TK-270, TK-270. TK-370, TK-270G, TK-272G, TK-280, TK-290, TK-308, TK-3100, TK-3101, TK-3102, TK-3107, TK-3130, TK-3131, TK-3140, TK-3148, TK-3160, TK-3180, TK-320, TK-340, TK-380, TK-385, TK-390, TK-480, TK-481, TK-5210, TK-5400, Visar Series, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR6580, XPR7000, XPR7000(& XE), XPR7350, XTS1500, XTS2500, XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000